Your overall lot size will determine what kind/size of pool is appropriate for you and your family, but in terms of shape, style, etc. it really depends on how you plan to use your pool. If exercise is most important, then perhaps a pool that facilitates swimming laps is appropriate. If you desire a pool that reflects a backyard oasis that is the perfect setting for entertaining, relaxing and overall enjoyment then a freeform design is probably most suited. We invite you to visit our “Swimming Pool & Spa Gallery” to view a variety of pool designs and find one that fits your lifestyle and needs. Our design professionals can then assist you in finalizing the pool size, shape and design that works best for you.

The cost of a pool is determined by a number of factors. Inground concrete pools will cost more than fiberglass, vinyl and above ground ones. We build in-ground concrete pools because these have proven to be more durable and allow for a variety of designs and features. The size of the pool, the amount of perimeter decking, slope of your lot (which can require more excavation and foundation support), type of materials and finishes all contribute to the final price. The only responsible way to get a firm estimate is to have us come out and measure your lot and meet with you to assess the type of pool you are wanting. To schedule a no-obligation design consultation, click here.

The time it takes to build your pool is ultimately dependent on the size and complexity of the design, plus any adverse weather delays. Pool’n Spa Center can build your dream pool in as little as 6 – 8 weeks, barring any delays from rainy weather. Other factors that can extend the time to build your pool are the availability of special, or unique material availability. Our design consultant will be able to give you an accurate estimate of time completion based on your pool design. To learn more about our design/construction process, please click here.

Building your new pool or spa during the construction of your new home has many substantial benefits. You will avoid the rare inconveniences that can be associated with the construction of a custom-built pool. If you’re not yet living their full time, the normal construction traffic will be less noticeable and will seamlessly become part of your new home construction as a whole.

As a final point, you will be better able to incorporate the pool design and any other backyard amenities with your home design. One of our design consultants will be able to work with your home builder to ensure that your backyard oasis blends in harmoniously with your new dream home.

  • We have proudly been in business since 1987 and have built over 1000 pools as a pool builder serving the south of Baja California, Mexico.
  • We are a financially solid company. Many pool companies operate from pool to pool and out of their house or have operated under several company names as to hide any negative information. They may be able to build your pool, but will they be there to stand behind their work. (IMPORTANT! Make sure they have a physical street/office address that you can visit – if not, you could be inviting trouble in terms of reconciling problems you may have with their construction quality and warranty).

    Visit us, new SHOW ROOM, Caduaño, B.C.S. (second entrance)

  • Our Design & Construction staff have a combined 30+ years in both commercial and residential pool building.
  • We specialize in custom pools, not cookie-cutter designs, that are affordable, beautiful and often feature waterfalls, custom stone materials, unique finishes and even outdoor kitchens.

We currently work with select local lenders who can assist you with your financing needs. Your Pool’n Spa Design Consultant can help you with the process.

It is the strongest in the industry, backed by our exceptional service department and high-end equipment manufacturers. Pool´n Spa Center’s warranty covers every aspect of your pool – from decking to pool equipment and controls. We use only professionally licensed and insured professionals when building your pool. Through our strong partnership with our equipment dealers we’re able to offer the best protection for your pool. We warranty our work for two (2) years!! We are that confident! Plus, we use only top-of-the-line pool equipment which generally comes with a three (3) warranty backed by the manufacturer’s certified technicians. It has been our experience that, in the rare event this equipment has a problem, the technician is able to address the situation very quickly.

For more details on our industry leading warranty, please consult with your Pool´n Spa Center designer.

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